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About Laurie Krauz

“Laurie has remarkable
 insight & the ability to
zero in on exactly what
 I need to do to get to
 where I want to go.”

D. Burman
Singer, Songwriter, Speaker


Are sessions conducted privately or in groups?

Both - and that generally depends upon the client’s needs and/or schedule. Some people learn better in a group environment, some prefer the privacy of a one-on-one session. We can determine what is best for you when we discuss your goals and preferences. 
How does it work?  What happens in a “coaching” session?

Your coaching sessions are workshops, not classes, and are customized to your specific needs. You’ll be developing new skills, not learning theory. This active approach will enable you to immediately begin to see results in your presentations, public speaking and interviews. In addition, each individual learns at a unique pace and absorbs concepts differently. It can become counterproductive to force one set of teaching techniques on all clients. Your coaching sessions will be custom-designed based upon your specific needs. For example: tasks are directed toward either a specific imminent project or speaking skills in general – depending on your pressing needs; information is geared toward the industry in which you work; and sessions are carefully tailored to how you best absorb and apply new information and behavior patterns. Every level of your presentation from internal to external (from content to what you’re wearing) will be examined and all of this work will take place in a safe, comfortable environment which will enable you to explore and grow.

How long will this training take?

This depends upon your goals. With some, one session addresses a specific project and that’s all that’s needed. Other clients want to become the kind of outstanding speaker that requires a longer-term commitment (there are discounted fees available for a block of sessions). This will be discussed up front.  Your needs will be assessed and a course of action will be determined.

Where are the sessions?

Either a convenient midtown Manhattan location or, for corporate clients, on site.

Does Laurie travel out of town?

Yes, worldwide. 

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