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If you need to speak, speak to me! 

About Laurie Krauz

“I never open my mouth in public before I speak to Laurie Krauz.”

D. Roskies, Esq.
Trust and Estate Attorney

What can you expect?

Laurie Krauz leads interactive, entertaining and informative sessions filled with skills, techniques and tips that will help you to become a dynamic and compelling communicator – whether it be for public speaking, presentations, media appearances, negotiations, interviews or networking.

Whether your sessions are group or private, in a spirited and friendly environment designed to clear personal hurdles and stumbling blocks, you will learn to: 

  • engage your listener(s);
  • communicate with confidence whether the goal is to sell a product or to sell and idea;
  • be more effective in the development, organization and execution of your ideas so your goals are met;
  • develop effective negotiation techniques that will influence the other party to say yes;
  • be more effective in getting your core message across; 
  • overcome public speaking fears;
  • channel nerves into energized communications;
  • persuade, influence the listener; and
  • develop your own style  – a far easier (and much more fun) task than attempting to shoehorn yourself into a set of arbitrary rules!

Some of the techniques you will develop include

  • voice control (inflection, intensity, volume);
  • skills to improve the development, organization and execution of your content (whether for presentations, media appearances, negotiations or interviews);
  • exercises to help you be more engaging and entertaining;
  • tips to get you out of yourself and into the minds of your audience;
  • body language (yours and your listener);
  • exercises to help you infuse more of yourself into your presentation;
  • breathing exercises;
  • visualization; and
  • image and wardrobe evaluation and training.

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"Laurie Krauz lights up a room and exemplifies all the tips she provides in her workshops about public speaking.  Her workshop with our teen girls was engaging and fun.  She helped to educate them about professional etiquette, interviewing/networking skills and creating a powerful presence.  Laurie was highly effective in reaching this age group; they kept talking about how amazing she was days after the workshop."

Scyatta A. Wallace, Ph.D.

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